Tein S-Tech lowering Springs - MR2

Tein S-Tech lowering Springs - MR2

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90-99 MR2 SW20 specs:

 S.TECH Spring is an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer approximately a 1.5 inch drop for a more aggressive appearance. Ride quality is firm.​ Lowers your MR2 by -1.5"(front) and -1.7"(rear)

SW20 Spring Rate:
F: 2.75kg/mm=154lb/in. 1"
R: 4.9kg/mm=275lb/in. 1"

00-05 MR2 ZZW30 specs:

Designed for outstanding handling performance on or off the track, Tein’s S-Tech springs work best with upgraded shocks and struts but will work with stock shocks and struts as well (life span will be shortened a bit).

ZZW30 Spring Rate:
Front: 36mm (1.4″) drop, 1.9kg/mm (106 lb/in)
Rear: 31mm (1.2″) drop, 2.9kg/mm (162 lb/in)

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