Shifter Cable Spherical Bushings - MR2

Spherical Bearing Shift Cable Bushings are absolutely the best shifter cable bushings for the MR2. The OEM shifter cables do not move in a true linear fashion. When you install the brass bushings, the natural twist of the cable as it is going through the range of motion is lost. The natural twist is dealt with on the OEM bushings in the rubber material they use which allows the flex in a non linear way... as it should be.

The advantages of these shifter bushings are:
1) proper shift cable articulation
2) advantage of having a bearing to reduce wear on moving parts
3) no rubber to wear out
4) no metal to wear out
5) 100% positive shift engagement

Spherical shifter bushing kit includes: spherical shifter bushings, washers and retaining clips.

1985-1989 MR2
1991-1995 MR2
2000-2005 MR2
Celica Alltracs