South Bend Stage 2 ENDURANCE Clutch Kit S54 Hybrid

South Bend Stage 2 ENDURANCE Clutch Kit S54 Hybrid

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PRIME's recommended uses are daily and street with an emphasis on Rally and Endurance racing. This is the perfect clutch for a ​300-450 wheel horsepower car. This is our upgraded hybrid clutch setup when using a turbo 3SGTE engine with the NA S54 transmission.

Any 3SGTE engine with a S54 or S53 transmission
1991-1999 MR2 NA trans
1990-1999 Celica GT GTS

This clutch system is designed for the racing climate. The pressure plate is precision balance for vibration free operation at high RPM. The pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement and a quick shift. The disc is engineered with a Dual Damped design to provide accurate control when accelerating through corners. The friction material is a hybrid using a full face Feramic (Sintered Iron) lining on the flywheel side and a high metal content Organic lining on the pressure plate side. Engagement is positive yet buffered due to the high graphite content unique to Feramic facings.

Kit Includes:  
Pressure Plate 
Clutch Disc 
Release Bearing 
Alignment Tool

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