Rear Tie Rods - AW11 MR2

Rear Tie Rods - AW11 MR2

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The rear tie rods on the MKI MR2 are prone to severe corrosion and over time fuse together into one piece. This makes alignments nearly impossible and most people find that their rear tie rods are either bent or mangled after attempting an alignment.
TwosRus has reengineered the rear tie rod design to make it more robust and greatly simplify setting the rear toe. TwosRus tie rods use off the shelf front outer tie rod ends for the MKI MR2 (replacements are readily available), custom machined center sections made from 5/8" 303 Stainless Steel and Two piece stainless steel rod ends with super tight Teflon packing for the inner joint. All fasteners and spacers are either stainless steel or zinc coated plain steel.

FITMENT (Select your car from the menu):
1985-1986 Rear tie rods (Measures 14.5")
1987-1989 Rear tie rods (Measures 12.5")

You will receive (2) - the left and right side

Standard front outer tie rod end
303 Stainless Steel Center section, 5/8" Hex
Inner joint is a Teflon packed stainless steel rod end. 303SS stainless body, 440C SS heat treated ball, 17,000 Newton static load.

(Customers in climates where large amounts of salt or other corrosive agents are used during the winter may want to consider painting or coating the center hex. Stainless Steel holds up to the elements much better than plain steel, but is still subject to corrosion.)

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