Engine Poly Mount Inserts

Are your motor mounts all worn out and split? If so, install these poly engine mounts inserts which fully replace the old rubber. These mounts will replace the front and rear engine mounts. 



You need to order the mount inserts based on the engine mounts currently in your car. For example - even if you have a turbo motor in your car but are still retaining the NA transmission or original mounts - you will need to order the MKII NA 5SFE inserts. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a picture of your engine mounts so we can help you purchase the correct inserts. Please note the sizes for OEM mounts only. The aftermarket mounts are different sizes. 

Fitment for OEM mounts ONLY:

5SFE poly mounts: (1) 2.86" diameter OD insert and (1) 3.09" diameter OD insert
3SGTE poly mounts: (2) 3.3" diameter OD inserts
4AGE poly mounts: (1) 2.52" diameter OD insert and (1) 3.09" diameter OD insert