MWR Header and Downpipe Combo – MR2 Spyder 1ZZ

MWR Header and Downpipe Combo – MR2 Spyder 1ZZ

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Monkeywrench Racing brings you the single best performance and durability improvement mod you can add to your MR2-S. Superior quality and affordable pricing make this one a no-brainer!

This combo eliminates all 3 OEM catalytic converters and is suitable for off-road (race track) use only. If used with an OEM type ECU it WILL cause a check engine light and P0420 code, and you will fail emissions testing. See our HEADER/CAT combo for street use and a slightly deeper, mellower exhaust note with no measurable power difference vs this kit.

2000-05 MR2 Spyder All


  • Eliminates problematic precats and main cat
  • Significant power increase of 10-14 hp at high RPM
  • Significant torque increase throughout the midrange, no loss of torque at low RPM
  • O2 sensor bungs in OEM locations so sensors plug right in, no wiring changes or extensions needed
  • 100% 304SS stainless construction, TIG welded
  • Premium mandrel-bent  extra-thick 1.5mm tube for outstanding durability
  • Multilayer stainless steel inlet gasket and new middle and outlet (muffler) donut gaskets included
  • All installation hardware included, nothing else is needed for install (OEM header bolts and muffler bolts are reused)
  • Several kilos lighter than the OEM parts- weight reduction right where you need it most!
  • Not street legal

The MR2 Spyder has become notorious for engine failures due to oil consumption, partially caused by the fragile precats which degrade and damage the piston rings. The OEM main cat tends to hold up ok but degrades very quickly if the engine starts consuming (burning ) oil. To top it all off the two flex joints that are part of the OEM main cat pipe  fatigue and start to leak, then fail altogether causing a massive exhaust leak.

Get rid of that 20 yr old OEM hardware and install this beautiful header and down pipe combo.


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