MWR Fuel Pump 255lph - MR2 Spyder 1ZZ 2ZZ

  • MR2-S 2000-05 all
  • Lotus Elise/Exige/2-eleven 2005+
  • Lotus Evora 2010+
  • Celica 2000-05 all
  • Corolla/Matrix 2003-04 all
  • Corolla Runx/Sportivo/T-Sport 2001-06 2ZZ all (non-US models)

​This fuel pump is specially modified to fit your car and includes the required connector and retainer ring. The standard “racing pumps” and ebay pumps won’t fit your Toyota without modification- this pump drops right in for an easy install with just minor trimming of your fuel pump retainer cap. Instructions are included.
This pump flows enough for 500 hp to the wheels with the right injectors, regulator, etc.