Tuned 2GR-FE Manual Trans ECU (Highlander, Rav4 and Sienna)

These ECUs are modified for use with a manual transmission specifically for swaps and have the following changes:
  • Automatic transmission DTCs removed

  • Evap/Cat DTCs removed

  • Rev limiter raised to 7200

  • Immobilizer reset to allow operation with no immobilizer. These module will pair themselves with an immobilizer if one is connected to it.

  • Speed limiter disabled

  • VVT-I angle targets tuned for more horsepower

  • Timing adjusted for Premium fuel use (91+ octane strongly suggested but the ECU will adjust timing for lower grade fuels)

  • MAF scaling adjusted for use with the Frankenstein Motorworks MAF pipe to add horsepower and to ensure optimal fuel trims


The only difference between these ECUs is the Rav4 unit is the only one known to be able to be used with cruise control. The Sienna unit is currently untested for cruise control.

  • The Highlander ECU is designed to be used with all 2009 and earlier 5-plug harnesses.

  • The Rav4 ECU is designed to be used with 2009 and earlier rav4 2-plug harnesses.

  • The Sienna ECU is designed to be used with 2011-2017 sienna harnesses (not the 2GR-FXE harness)

The tunes have been tested to produce roughly 290whp/340hp without any internal changes to the 2GR-FE. To get this number you need to use the MAF pipe and Headers along with a good free flowing exhaust.

Note the Sienna ECU is optionally available with just the immobilizer removed and internal modifications to disable the transmission codes without altering the emissions checksums. This can be useful in some locales where the tune is not allowed to be modified. Request this in the special request field. I can provide immobilizer disabled stock tunes for the other ECUs also but i cannot disable the transmission codes on those.