2GR-FE Manual Trans ECU

2GR-FE Manual Trans ECU

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These frankenstein motorworks ECUs are modified for use with a manual transmission specifically for swaps and have the following changes (Note, if this configuration or base ECU is not exactly what you’re looking for please reach out via the contact us link and ask before ordering. I will do my best to accommodate your needs if i can.):

  • Converted to manual transmission use (U0101 fault code satisfied so it does not look for the automatic transmission controller)

  • Rev limiter raised to 7200

  • Speed limiter disabled

  • Immobilizer reset to allow operation with no immobilizer. These module will pair themselves with an immobilizer if one is connected to it.

  • MAF scaling adjusted for use with the Frankenstein Motorworks MAF pipe to ensure optimal fuel trims for optimal operation since the stock 2gr-fe airbox cannot fit in the MR2. (optionally can be requested with OEM MAF scaling for those non MR2 swap applications where the airbox can fit.

This ECU does not modify any emissions operation, All the monitors are as they would be in a 2011 Sienna.

This is not usable in stock Sienna applications. Because of the automatic transmission disabling it will not work on those vehicles.

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