Fuel Injector O-Rings - Gen2 Gen3 3SGTE

Fuel Injector Service Pack for your Gen2 3SGTE or Gen3 3SGTE. This is the factory fuel injector for any 1990-1999 USDM or JDM MR2.

Package will include the following for OEM Toyota Spec Injectors:

Replacement O-Rings = 4
Replacement Filters = 4
Upper Grommet = 4
Lower Grommet = 4
Upper O-Ring = 4
Lower O-Ring = 4

There are enough parts to do 4 injectors. Why pay over $150 at the dealership?

Picture shows a Toyota MR2 injector. Injector is not included with this product as it is for comparison and to demonstrate o-ring locations only. 

PLEASE NOTE: Replacement filters are optional to replace. You will need to remove the metal ring below the filter to reinstall the new filter. See the videos attached for procedure.