Clutch Hard Line Replacement - SW20 MR2

Stainless Steel Braided Hard Clutch Line Kit. Replaces the entire main OEM hard line that runs down the length of the car from the master cylinder to the clutch flexible line. 

Have you went to remove your 25+ year old clutch hardline fitting and cried when either the fitting itself rounds off or the clutch hardline snaps in half? Rather than trying to salvage the factory hardline by cutting out the rusted portion and using a double flaring tool to properly reflare the hardline, we decided to completely eliminate the hardline all together! 

1991-1995 Toyota MR2

1 proper length line kit made of stainless steel PTFE braided hose with black PVC protective covering and zinc plated steel fittings. 


NOTE: If you want to replace the 3rd hose which connects from this line to the clutch slave cylinder, buy this one: SW20 Slave Cylinder SS Hose