AW11 E153 CV Swap Axles - LSD or NON-LSD

Full replacement axle for AW11 MR2 using an E153 transaxle and original hubs. Perfect for MK1.5 builds, NA to turbo swaps, V6 swaps on an NA car, etc that use the E153 transaxle. 

Complete replacement axle - no core required.

Price is for one axle - order 2 if you need a pair

Please note that this is the axle - it does not include the stub shaft that actually goes into the transaxle. These will work with open or LSD transaxles because the stubs are all that differ.

Toyota MR2 1985-1989 with E153 transmission
Toyota MR2 1991-1995 with E153 transmission and stock NA knuckles/spindles