ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs for 3SGTE

ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs for 3SGTE

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ARP Custom Age 625 Plus is a super-alloy that demonstrates superior fatigue cycle life, tensile strength and toughness - with complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. ARP is the first to develop manufacturing and testing processes for fasteners with Custom Age 652+. Best of all, it is less expensive and expected to soon replace MP-35 as the material of choice in the high strength, super-alloy field. Typical tensile strength is 260,000psi.

ARP studs are thread rolled after heat treat, which gives them about 1000% better fatigue strength than studs threaded prior to heat treat. It costs a lot more to do it this way, but the results are worth the effort.

You won't find a better quality stud on the market from any other source.

Kit contains:

10 studs
10 parallel ground washers
10 compact 12 point nuts
1 pack specially formulated Moly based assembly lubricant

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