ACT HDSS Heavy Duty with Street Disc Clutch Kit - MK3

Prime's favorite ACT clutch for street and track driven cars with 140-299hp. It has the clamping force to hold the torque but drives smooth, lasts a long time and is easy on the transmission. This is our recommended clutch for NA and lightly boosted turbo and supercharged 1ZZ’s and 2ZZ’s that see any street use. Very durable, easy to modulate, handles the power!!!

2000-2005 MR2 or Celica. (Fits both the 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine)
2000-2005 Celica GT and GTS (Fits both the 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine)
2000-2005 MR2 Spyder
1998-2007 Corolla All
2003-2007 Matrix/Vibe
Clutch Kit: TC2-HDSS
Torque Capacity: 233 ft-lb
Kit includes:  Disc, pressure Plate, release bearing, and alignment tool.
ACT offers some of the highest quality clutch kits available today. Kits include disc, pressure plate and release bearing. Kits also include alignment tool. They are trusted by everyone from street performance enthusiasts to road racers to professional drag racing teams. ACT’s big advantage is variety. With the broad variety of pressure plates and discs offered for most applications you can tailor your selection to work with your vehicle’s power level and usage. Most customers opt for the HD or XT pressure plate which work great for street or moderate track use in conjunction with the SS street disc. If you’ve built something pretty outrageous or the car will live most of its life on the track consider the G or R discs for their superior heat tolerance and immediate engagement.