SW20 Fog Light Installation Guide

For those of you that do not have factory fog lights and want some, the process can be very simple, if your pre-wired of course! First off check if your pre-wired for fog's by looking in the front passenger side fuse box. If standing at the tire, the relay will be on the lower right hand corner and the 15A fuse is labeled on the cover also. If you see electrical connections your good to go. 

-And with the relay installed

--Switch Location--
Take the panel under the steering wheel off. In the area where the switch blanks are on the panel you will see an opening in the dash. Tucked up in there should be the switch connection pictured below. 

--Fog Light Plug--
I originally found I was pre-wired for fogs when I was swapping out my turn signals. I had them out and decided to look in and here's what I found, the fog light plug. 

--Fitting The Fogs--
-First you will need to cut out the center horizontal piece from each side. I used a little hand held hack saw, you can use what you seem fit. 
-Next remove the 14mm bolt you see, this is where the bracket will mount. In the pic the bolt is removed.
-What I did was place the bracket in its place and made a center mark using a nail, then drilled it out with a 1/2in drill bit, each bracket is marked Left and Right. And you will also need to cut out a hole for the harness plug to go through. It took me a few tries to get enough room. I don't see any downfall in cutting the hole a little larger than needed the first time. 

From here it should be pretty simple. Install the brackets, mount the fogs and plug them in. I had my wheel liners loose which made the process a bit easier. Mounting the fogs can be a pain in the rear, a little luck and patience will help. 

When installing the PRIME aftermarket fog lights, we prefer to use the existing Fog Light wiring in your MR2 - if originally equipped.

If your MR2 has been prewired for fog lights (most 1991.5 cars are), we suggest that you utilize the factory wiring. Depin the aftermarket foglight connector, wrap pin in electrical tape or heat shrink and insert pins directly into MR2 (car side) wiring connector. You will need a factory fog light switch and relay. Thats it!