Red Line Engine Break-In Additive 16 oz

Red Line Engine Break-In Additive 16 oz

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​Red Line Engine Oil Break-In Additive. This additive has been designed to help your engine break in properly after a rebuild. It contains special additives like zinc and phosphorus to provide the necessary lubricants for the camshafts and valvetrain. 




  • Provides conventional motor oils with antiwear additives like zinc and phosphorus (ZDDP) necessary to protect against camshaft and valvetrain damage on break-in
  • Allows piston rings to seat properly with less-slick oils while antiwear additives protect other engines components to avoid excessive wear
  • Can also be used in conventional and synthetic oils during regular operation, providing an extra package of protection otherwise not found in most motor oils
  • The 16oz bottle will treat up to 12 quarts of motor oil and in many cases, one bottle can serve two engines or oil changes
  • Sold in a 16-ounce bottle


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