Fog Lights - SW20 MR2

These are OEM Style Replacement Fog Lights, These fog lights come with H3 halogen bulbs and fit the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2. We include a wiring harness and switch. No, they aren't OEM but they are pretty good for 1/4 of the price of OEM. Your choice of CLEAR, YELLOW, or SMOKE lenses.

DIY on using existing Fog Light wiring in your MR2: If your MR2 has been prewired for fog lights (most 1991.5 cars are), we suggest that you utilize the factory wiring. Depin the aftermarket foglight connector, wrap pin in electrical tape or heat shrink and insert pins directly into MR2 (car side) wiring connector. You will need a factory fog light switch and relay. Thats it! Here is a more detailed explanation:

DIY on modding for oem wiring