9" Intercooler Fan Shroud Kit - SW20 MR2

9" Intercooler Fan Shroud Kit - SW20 MR2

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This is for all of you that are running the Ebay Style Core (Greddy "style" intercooler prime, tcs, greddy, ats, ems powered, KO, berk, all use the same intercooler core) and want to move some serious air! If you are running one of these intercoolers and do NOT have these pieces also installed, you are losing out on some serious cooling potential!

When you install your intercooler without the proper block off shroud, most of the air coming through your side vent is passing right by your intercooler! The block off shroud goes in between the body and the intercooler core itself, ensuring that ALL air MUST pass through the intercooler!

The 9" Fan shroud kit bolts directly to the intercooler core itself, and allows the use of a huge 9" intercooler fan. We use press in, threaded nuts to make installing the fan a breeze (no pun intended!).

Our setup comes with the following:

  • 9" Intercooler fan
  • 9" Intercooler fan shroud
  • Intercooler block off plate
  • All necessary hardware for installation

Fitment: 1991-1999 SW20 MR2

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