Wire Harness Conversions
Wire Harness Conversions
Wire Harness Conversions
Wire Harness Conversions
Wire Harness Conversions

Wire Harness Conversions

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The most critical conversion part you need when performing an engine swap is a plug and play engine wire harness.  Believe us when we tell you, the best money you can spend, besides having PRIME build your car, is having PRIME build your wiring harness.  Having PRIME build your harness also enables us to assist in the inevitable trouble shooting that goes along with any engine swap, in addition to giving you plug and play fit and function.  Fixing hacked up wiring is so much more time consuming and costly than having it done correctly in the first place... it is not even funny.   Many customers will spend 5-6 times more money having us fix the never ending issues related to hacked up wiring than they would have spent having their harness built by us.  We spend hundreds of hours every year cleaning up after other peoples’ messes and nearly every instance, that time and cost could have been averted if they had simply had PRIME build their harness in the first place.  Your time is far too valuable to waste chasing wiring problem after wiring problem.  Send it to the professionals.   This is what we do.
What we need from you:
1) Your original engine harness (that is currently running your car)
2) Your original ECU that is currently running your car (remove the ecu brackets and keep them to install on your new ecu)
3) Your new engine harness off of the motor that you are installing into your car.
4) Ship it to PRIME. The return address will be on your invoice
5) We do NOT need your new swap engine ECU - UNLESS its a GEN5 3SGTE (we need to physically de-immobilize them)

What you will receive from us in 3-4 weeks:
We will send you a fully "merged" plug and play harness that literally plugs into your fuse box and new engine's ECU. Turn the key and everything works! Note, you will not receive back your original ecu or original wiring harness. These are both utilized to create your new plug and play harness. 

Prime MR2 Shipping Address:
Prime MR2
103 Sparta Road
Unit D6
Stanhope, NJ 07874

NOTE: In some instances your supplied harnesses won't be able to be merged due to hacked or cut sections of the harnesses. You will be emailed immediately if your donor harnesses are not salvageable.

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