V6 Intake System - 2GR-FE V6 for SW20

This intake system simplifies the 2GR-FE engine swap by solving the common problem of building a MAF pipe and intake system that matches the OEM unit. This intake combo is one of the best things you can do to make your 2GR swap run as it should. It keeps fuel trims nearly perfect and makes a few extra HP as well. However, in order to use it on your swapped 2GR an elbow with a connection for the PCV system is required, and a bracket to support the intake is strongly recommended.

This custom silicone elbow provides both the port for the PCV and also a port for the OEM resonator from the Sienna. The resonator significantly improves the quality of the data provided by the MAF sensor, allowing the ECU to make better load calculations resulting in more consistent air fuel ratios and generally making the engine run just a little bit better. The resonator is included with this intake.

This kit includes a simple bracket to support the intake as shown below (compatible with the E153 transmission, may work with others), plus the necessary clamps and hardware.

It is strongly recommended to run the 22204-28010 or 22204-0V010 MAF sensor with this pipe. This is what the tunes below were calibrated for.