Turbo Rain Guard Eliminator - SW20 MR2

The stock turbo engine lid rain guard is great at keeping water out of the engine bay, but its also great at keeping heat in. Unfortunately if you remove it you will quickly discover that the bumpers that keep the engine lid sitting level mount to the rain guard and now your lid sits crooked when closed. Wilhelm Raceworks came up with these rain guard eliminator kits to allow you to keep the rubber bumpers and avoid this problem.

In addition to preventing air flow through the engine bay, the stock rain guard also weighs in at 4.5 pounds. After market fan shrouds are good at getting the heat out, but aluminum versions weigh almost 9 pounds including fans, and I assume the stainless steel offerings are even heavier. In addition fans require wiring, fusing and a relay.

These TwosRUs laser cut 6061 aluminum plates provide a mounting point for your stock rubber bumpers while weighing just 1.4oz per pair. Powder coated in gloss black (prototypes shown were not coated). Note: You will be using screws and rubber bumpers from your existing rain guard - you are only buying the plates. You will receive 2 pieces - left and right sides.