Revel VLSII Oil Temperature 52mm Gauge

The Revel VLS II Oil Temperature analog gauge monitors oil temperature starting from 120º F up to 300º F. The new brushless motor provides quiet and smooth operation for the utmost accurate reading. The included external remote controls functions such as peak/hold setting, choosing from two LED backlight colors, and their LED backlight brightness levels. This kit is included with the oil temperature sensor and all the necessary wiring harnesses for a simple installation process.

The Revel VLS II Oil Temperature analog gauge is daisy-chain compatible with the VLS II Boost analog gauge, VLS II Water Temperature analog gauge, and VLS II Oil Pressure analog gauge.

  • 52mm diameter analog gauge
  • 120º F to 300º F reading
  • Zero-friction brushless motor
  • Aluminum front bezel
  • Aluminum mounting ring
  • External remote included
  • White LED backlighting
  • Optional red LED backlighting
  • LED brightness adjustment
  • Peak/hold function w/ warning beep
  • Includes oil temperature sensor
  • Daisy chain connection