T-Top Body Weatherstripping - RH - SW20

T-Top Body Weatherstripping - RH - SW20

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If you have leaky T-tops and have tried everything to repair or seal the leak and nothing worked, its time to install new weatherstripping. These are OEM Toyota parts. There are a total of 4 total weatherstripping seals. This seal mounts to the RIGHT side body of the car from the bottom of the A-pillar to around the t-top and back down the B-pillar. This is part #6 in the diagram

Don't forget to order the smaller seal that adheres to the T-top itself.

Installing new weather stripping does NOT automatically guarantee that your car will stop leaking water into it.  Flex from the t-top area from excessive mileage on your chassis OR previous accident history could have tweaked the t-top opening on your car preventing a complete seal.  You WILL need a Factory Service Manual to use as a guide to install these weatherstripping. You have to disassemble a large amount of your interior and getting the rubber into the channels is difficult. You will need to fully adjust the settings of the tilt/lean and height of the windows after installation. There are NO REFUNDS on this product. If you purchase this weatherstripping you are agreeing to the terms above.

A better choice is to start with the eccentric t-top guides and the shin-etsu grease and see if that helps the seals on your stop leaking.

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