Leather Stitched Shift Knob

Designed by Superklasse, this replica of the ever popular JDM MR2 1998 shift knob weighs almost double the actual weight of the original knob. This weighted shift knob is designed to meet the optimal weight required to assist in your ultimate shifting experience. You will experience smoother and faster shifts especially with the cable actuated transmissions of the MR2! 

  • 1:1 98 spec design
  • Wrapped in Italian Leather
  • OEM look and quality
  • Factory OEM direct fit
  • 5 speeds laser etched on top of knob
  • Weight: 350 grams (almost double the weight of factory knob)
  • M12x1.25 threaded knob


MR2 SW20, MR2-Spyder ZZW30, MR2 AW11, Celica, Supra (without reverse lockout), Trueno, Corolla, Matrix, Scions, IS300 and more