King Toyota 3SGTE 16V 2.0L (Size STD) pMaxKote Performance Main Bearing Set
King Toyota 3SGTE 16V 2.0L (Size STD) pMaxKote Performance Main Bearing Set

King Toyota 3SGTE 16V 2.0L (Size STD) pMaxKote Performance Main Bearing Set

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King Toyota 3SGTE (Size STD) Performance Main Bearing Set. Comes with thrust washer as well!

Applications: Toyota 3SGTE Gen2, Gen3, Gen4, Gen5

Size: STD

Manufacturer: King Bearings
Reference Number: MB5554XPC
Notes: King’s new pMaxKote™ is a nano-composite polymer coating. It is applied over the pMaxBlack™ overlay at the King factory as part of the bearing manufacturing process. It enhances wear resistance without changing the bearing’s original precision wall thickness dimension.

King’s pMaxKote™ is a new approach to coated bearings. It has proven to protect bearings during metal-to-metal contact, as well as from the erosive effects of cavitation. It contains ceramic nano-composite particles that function as a fourth layer that provides superior build protection.

pMaxKote™ enhances the following benefits of King XP race bearings:
• Superior seizure resistance
• Superior cavitation resistance
• Superior wear resistance
• Superior protection against oil starvation

King XP & XPC race bearings have already led to new records on the race track. King’s ability to meet the continuously changing and challenging demands of the racing industry with our unique materials and geometric features are a testament to the quality and reliability of our bearings, and reinforces our commitment to developing the ultimate race bearings.

The King Racing line contains engine bearingsfor various segments. Equipped with advanced materials and construction techniques, King Racing bearings extend the limits of power, performance and durability.

To achieve the right clearance, they compensate for bearing thickness inconsistencies by grinding cranks “fat” or “thin”, adjusting the housing bore, or purchasing multiple sets to “fish” for shells. The process is time consuming, costly and tedious. King listened to its engine building customers and responded with Bull’s Eye Tolerance™

Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ is a production technology developed by King. It combines highly accurate machining, overplating, and computerized wall thickness monitoring that adjusts the process on-the-spot.
Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell. The outcome: A new standard in bearing thickness consistency.

With Bull’s Eye Tolerance™:
• No more multiple set purchases or “fishing” for bearings to reach right clearance
• No need to grind cranks “fat” or “thin”
• No need to adjust housing diameter
• Less taper across the bearing face

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