Fuel Pump Hanger Kit - SW20 MR2
Fuel Pump Hanger Kit - SW20 MR2
Fuel Pump Hanger Kit - SW20 MR2
Fuel Pump Hanger Kit - SW20 MR2

Fuel Pump Hanger Kit - SW20 MR2

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The Racer X Fabrication fuel pump hanger kit for the Toyota MR2 is the ultimate solution for your fuel system!! The hanger kit is designed to work with in tank fuel pumps and provides an easier solution for upgrading your fuel supply and return lines for higher horsepower builds that are starved of fuel. The kit works with Walbro fuel pumps, OEM fuel pump, and the Aeromotive fuel pump. (This kit is NOT compatible with the Bosch fuel pump)


The mounting lid, support rod and fuel pump clamp are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, then anodized black for corrosion resistance. We also have two spots that are chemical conversion coated, these allow for specific ground points while still maintaining the necessary corrosion resistance. The clamp uses two viton o-rings to prevent vibration and provide a bit of cushion for the fuel pump.


Option includes lines and fittings from fuel pump to fuel filter.


  • (1) Mounting lid
  • (1) Support rod
  • (1) Fuel pump clamp
  • (5) SS M5 bolts, washers
  • (4) Electrical connectors
  • (1) Short M6 grounding bolt, washer
  • (1) Long M6 power supply bolt, washer, nut
  • (2) Teflon isolation washer
  • (1) Spacer
  • (1) M10 mounting bolt, washer
  • (2) -6AN hose barb fittings
  • (2) -6AN to -8AN ORB fittings


  • 1990-1999 Toyota MR2 SW20


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