Fuel Cut Defender - GEN2 3SGTE

Fuel Cut Defender - GEN2 3SGTE

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Designed by Twosrus, This is the first modification you will need if you are thinking of increasing your boost pressure. The MR2 Turbo uses an automatic fuel cut in order to protect the engine against major over-boosting. This normally occurs at boost levels below what the enthusiast may wish to run. 

This adjustable fuel cut defender will allow you to raise the boost pressure (in small predictable increments) at which the fuel cut will trigger, thus allowing you to increase boost while retaining the fuel cut safety device.


FCD with complete fitting and setup instructions. Easily installed - there are only three wires to connect.

These FCDs are bench-tested and pre-set to approximately 16psi. While we can't guarantee that this is the pressure you'll see out of the box, it should be close and take a lot of the guesswork out of setting it.


1991-1995 USDM MR2 Turbo w/Gen2 3SGTE
1990-1991 JDM MR2 Turbo w/Gen2 3SGTE
1990-1993 Celica Alltrac w/Gen2 3SGTE

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