Downpipe 3" Gen4 Gen5 3SGTE

PRIME Full 3" Downpipe w/ Integrated Flex Section. This is a direct bolt on for a Gen4 or Gen5 3SGTE powered MR2 Turbo or Celica Alltrac turbo

  • Full Bellmouthed Wastegate section. Large bellmouth portion  allows full actuation of the wastegate flapper and extremely low backpressure on the turbine wheel.
  • Integrated stainless steel braided and interlock lined flex section to ELIMINATE cracking problems.
  • Includes gasket and nuts/bolts.
  • Additional Wideband Oxygen Sensor bung & bung plug included.  Standard M18 thread to suite virtually all aftermarket WBO2 sensor kits such as AEM UEGO, Innovative MTX/LM-2, HKS AF Knock Amp, etc.