TRD Radiator Cap / 1.3 Bar - FR-S / BRZ / 86

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Using the TRD radiator cap will increase the coolant pressure and raise its boiling point, thus the faster your engine is relieved of excessive engine heat. The TRD Radiator Cap withstands an open valve pressure rating of 1.3kg cm2, adding to under your the hood desire for extra toughness an elegant touch of style. *Why is increased Pressure Better?* It’s simple. When water is pressurized, its natural boiling point is increased. Most modern vehicles are equipped with a 0.9 Bar pressure cap. TRD's Cap is rated at 1.3 Bar which increases the boiling temperature of your coolant to 267.80 degrees Fahrenheit. That is nearly a 56 degree increase over water's normal boiling point. By increasing the boiling point of water, an engine's cooling system will have the added heat capacity, maximizing performance under ever-changing racing conditions.

Fitment: 2013+ FRS BRZ 86