LSD Conversion Kit – Toyota 1.8L

LSD Conversion Kit – Toyota 1.8L

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  • 2000-05 MR2 All
  • 2000-05 Celica All, manual and automatic
  • 1998-current Corolla 1.8L All manual and auto (not CVT)
  • 2003-12 Matrix/Vibe 1.8L All
  • 2005-current Elise, Exige, 2-eleven all 1.6L and 1.8L
  • Many other 2000+ Toyota/Scion 1.5L, 1.6L, 1.8L models

No, this is not a complete professional grade limited slip differential. This is a very cost effective LSD conversion that adds some LSD capability to your current differential with no drawbacks. We spec the kits that we sell with the upgraded higher pressure springs for best performance. Great option for transmissions that have no LSD available, like the 1ZZ and 2ZZ automatics. You’ll feel the difference. This unit is made of much higher grade materials and to better tolerances than those no-name knockoffs. Don’t be fooled.

Manufacturer’s information:

Traction Concepts Limited Slip Conversion Kit installs into your non-lsd open differential, converting it into a proven and competitive limited slip differential that enhances your traction needs. Our TC Limited Slip’s 2-way LSD will considerably improve handling in daily driven, street/strip warriors, or a full race vehicle. All Traction Concepts products are constructed of only the highest-quality hand selected materials. With over 500,000 miles of vigorous professional performance testing (SCCA, drag, rally, hill climb, ice, rain, etc.), we have been able to fine tune each application through specific heat treating and rockwell testing to achieve maximum performance and reliability. Each Traction Concepts LSD Kit is assembled with pressure tested matched sets of progressive-rate springs to achieve equal load distribution to the disc plates, which dramatically enhances reliability and performance. With such a passion for perfection, Traction Concepts is confident that when you choose our TC Limited Slip Conversion Kit, you are choosing, by far, the best limited slip conversion kit on the market.

Improve Handling * Corner Faster * Tow Easier * Accelerate Quicker * Better Traction * Eliminate Torque Steer

The TC LSD Kit is extremely strong and durable and comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. ‘Disclaimer of Warranty’—WARNING: Installation of any Traction Concepts component should be performed by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of transmission and drivetrain products. Purchasers expressly affirm they are relying upon their own skill or judgment to select and purchase Traction Concepts Limited Slip Conversion Kits. Warranties are void against incorrect installation, or modifications done to Traction Concepts products. With such a passion for perfection, we are confident that when you choose a Traction Concepts products, you are choosing, by far, the best limited slip conversion kit on the market.

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