Lightweight Knife-Edged Crankshaft – Toyota 1ZZ-FE

Fits all 1ZZ-FE engines
  • 00-05 MR2-S, Celica GT

A knife edged lightweight crankshaft has several advantages:
  • Significant power increase due to decreased windage loss
  • Faster revving (similar to the gains from a lightweight flywheel)
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Less oil foaming
  • Lower overall engine weight
  • MWR machines a brand new OEM crankshaft direct from Toyota, reducing weight by over 10% for the maximum gain without sacrificing strength or bearing life.

This fits all standard 1ZZ-FE engines from 2000+ with no modifications required. These crankshafts have been known to hold up to well over 600hp and are extremely strong.