Driveshaft Shop 800HP Axles - SW20 MR2

These axles feature 40% larger 33 spline outer CV, as can be found in most highest horsepower axle kits, larger 36 spline high quality aerospace grade center bars, up from 32 spline on the Level 2 axles, and Porsche-style 108mm inner CV's with a proprietary internal set and are machined to bolt-on to the factory MR2 differential stubs. The kit also includes a set of wheel hubs that are replicas of the factory hubs with a larger spline to accommodate the Level 5 outer CV and ARP extended studs. Rated to 800HP with a 1-year warranty. This kit comes with 2 axles and 2 hubs. Price listed is for both axles.  All driveshaft shop parts are made to order and typically have a 4-8 week turn around time depending on their current workload.

Aerospace grade center bars
Rated to 800HP
Porsche-style 108mm inner CV's
Price listed for both axles
1-year warranty
Toyota MR2 Turbo 1991-1999