Crower Spring and Retainer Set – Toyota 1ZZ-FE

Fits all 1ZZ-FE engines equipped with VVTi:
  • 2000-05 MR2 Spyder, Celica GT
  • 2000-08 Corolla, Matrix (not XRS), Vibe (not GT)

​People are getting serious about the Toyota 1ZZ-FE engine and these springs and retainers are an important part of making real power. The springs are 20% stiffer than the stock valve springs for superior valve motion control and high RPM valve float prevention. The titanium retainers are CNC machined to exceptional tolerances for a precise fit and significant weight loss compared to the stock retainers. This reduction in weight means more efficient operation and even better valve float prevention.

Combine this set with MWR stainless valves for a bulletproof valvetrain capable of handling sustained high RPM use and turbo abuse